What Makes For The Best Nlp Training

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When you buy a car, I’m sure you want the best car that you can afford! When you buy a blender you will want the one best suited to your purpose. So it stands to reason when you want to learn NLP you will want the Best NLP Training.

So how will you go about ensuring that you have found the best NLP training provider. Here are 5 things for you to check against to know that you are picking well and going to get value.

First of all find out if you can have direct access to your trainer. There are lots of trainings out there that put the trainer on a pedestal! They train the material in a controlled environment but you have no access to them before or after.

If they are indeed the Guru then surely you want them to answer your questions!

The next most important thing that you will want to check out and feel comfortable with is….

What is the core curriculum?

NLP is great and to make sure you are getting the best NLP Training! The training will have to have a few additional components. NLP is based in Hypnosis so does the training, train and certify you in Hypnosis?

NLP deals with language, the structure of an individuals reality, strategies and limitations. The very best NLP Training will have a model for dealing directly with emotional associations as well.

And finally is there a clearly defined NLP coaching process as part of the training? Is there a step by step what to do where and when element to the training?

Another important thing, this is number 3 on my list.

Is the training run as a 7 or more consecutive day training? Block trainings do not work nearly as well as an immersive training. One weekend a month for 4 or 5 months is to disjointed. Always remember the training will only ever go as fast as the slowest learner.

You arrive on weekend one, half the first day will be taken up with introductions and orientation. Half the second day will be taken up with the structure and expectation of home work to be done over the next three weeks. Oh and alot of the written work will actually have no real purpose other than to keep you busy.

Then on week two a month later, only about a third of the class will have actually done that home work. This is where you will begin to loose a huge amount of time with fellow students who simply are not up to speed. And so it will go on like this for months.

The best NLP Training will train you fully and train you well all in one go.

The fourth thing to check out and know about your NLP training is….

Does the training come with a comprehensive online pre-study video training? The very best NLP Training will have a way of ensuring that all of the students start on day one at the same level.

Thus avoiding you having to wait frustratingly for the slower students. This will also act as a fantastic post training review resource, allowing you to revisit the content ongoing forever.

Finally what level of support does the training provider give. Back at the beginning and the first point I made! I think that you should have access to your trainer ongoing after the training.

The training room is not real life so the context that you are learning to use the tools in is contrived. When you leave the training ready to apply what you have learnt! it is important for your confidence to know that you have the ongoing backing of an expert. And that expert should surely be your trainer!

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