Overview Of Celtic Astrology

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Celtic Astrology Basics

Many people are quite familiar with astrology, the kind you have a tendecy to see in your local newspaper when you are searching for you horoscope. The zodiac signs are associated with 12 parts of the year, which give each individual their zodiac sign. There are unique qualities to each zodiac sign, with personality traits that an individual might have. The traits may be used for determining the choices an individual will make for that day or week, in conjunction with the planets and stars positions. For a majority of individuals who have an interest in astrology this is all common knowledge. However, Celtic astrology is somewhat different, although it does operate from the same premises as the astrology that most of us are familiar with. The following are some of the basic of Celtic astrology, along with how this ancient type of astrology from the Celtic culture might help you with making more refined decisions for your life.

An Introduction To Celtic Astrology

The focus of astrology is on the date and time of your birth. They can contribute to your personality and behaviors. The Druids are the ones who developed Celtic astrology. They realized that individuals who were born during a specific season had distinct qualities to them. In addition, they looked into what they described as the shape and color of an individual’s life, specifically searching for patterns connected to a certain lunar year. The seasons combined with the cycles of the moon contributed to what is known as Celtic tree astrology. Just like different zodiac signs pertain to certain constellations within the sky which influence the path that your life takes, trees play a really critical role as well in how your life is configured. The reason why the Druids incorporated trees into their astrology is because they revered nature, and realized that humans have a connection with the natural environment that they are a part of. Just like nature forms the basis of ancient Chinese philosophies, the Druids also believed all of use are connected to certain trees that were believed to be vessels where infinite wisdom was contained.

Celtic Astrology Signs

When looking at your zodiac sign, your birth is not only related directly to the constellation the sun was in at the time of your birth, but is represented by some kind of symbol as well. The symbols relate to animals. They can be a mythical Dragon or a lion or another type of animal. Celtic tree astrology also attributes a certain tree to an individual’s birth date. For example, individuals born from December 24 to January 20 have a relationship with the birch tree. That indicates your personality is highly motivated and driven, and means you are a natural born leader. Other Celtic trees include the oak, hawthorn and even ivy. They each have their own distinct characteristics that are found only in certain combinations, and identify each individual with specific personality traits.

Just like you would visit a traditional astrologist to help you with making decisions about major life choices that were in your future, the same thing can be done with those who practice Celtic Druidic Astrology (like this example). It can in fact help you with refining your thoughts on the things you need to get done in your life through looking at those other perspectives as well as personality traits. The Druids believed we were not only connected with the universe, but also to nature specifically. The philosophy of Celtic Astrology is one of its best aspects since it directly connects us with Mother Earth. It is an ancient practice that we can learn much from.