Five Quinceanera Decorations That Are Popular

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The Hispanic tradition of celebrating a young girl who is coming of age one her fifteenth birthday is called a Quinceanera party. During this celebration, religious customs as well as social responsibilities and virtues of family are embraced by the young woman. The tradition of a Quinceanera celebrates that young girl, it recognizes the journey she has taken from childhood to maturity. The highlights of this custom are God, family, friends, food, music and dance.

When it comes to Quinceanera decorations, there are various factors such as budget, theme, personal preference and location that come into play. There are however the general Quinceanera decorations that are staples at any of these events, for example: centerpieces, balloons, seat covers, table linens, lighting, photo booth backdrop area, draping and of course, candles.

Here are a few Quinceanera decoration ideas that may help your decision making a bit easier:

1. Balloons

This is probably one of the simplest, yet best decoration ideas ever. It is a budget friendly way to make a big impact at your Quinceanera party. There are a variety of ways in which balloons can be implemented into your decor, you can wrap them around pillars, use them on center pieces, string them up across the room and on the ceiling, and a popular one is a net full of balloons strategically placed overhead, when the Quinceanera makes her entrance, the balloons are released, these fall gracefully to the floor where they remain for the remainder of the party.

2. Candles

Candles make ideal centerpieces, LED candles as well as small votive candles floating in water are safe and popular choices. Many venues actually keep a stash of decoration items that include candles, they may have some that will fit your Quinceanera theme perfectly. Candles also make great party favors as well.

3. Flowers

Much like at every wedding, one of the most common decoration items for a Quinceanera celebration are flowers. Whether they are fresh or artificial, flowers are usually a must-have have. A popular way of using them is matching the colors and hues to the dress that the Quinceanera has chosen for the occasion.

4. Garlands

Garlands are popular for many Hispanic traditions, a Quinceanera party is no exception. These colorful decoration items can be bought or even made using a wide range of materials such as; tissue paper, crystals, paper, tulle, beading and there are even garlands that have mini-lanterns on them.

5. Ceiling Decor

A huge difference is made at a Quinceanera party with the decorated ceiling. As mentioned earlier, balloons are one option, there is also dangling fabric that can strategically be placed on the ceiling as well as parasols. The point is that you want the ceiling to create a wow factor to your QuiQuinceanera party.

These are just a few of the many Quinceanera decoration options out there. This is a special day that should be made your own, what you want to shine through is your personality so, really put a lot of thought into the Quinceanera decorations you choose. It does not have to be overly expensive, all it requires is unique creativity.