About The Chinese Horoscope Year 2017

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The Chinese Horoscope year 2017 is part of a 12-year cycle that has been a part of Chinese culture for some centuries and remains popular in parts of Asia where Chinese influence has been felt for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Inside the Chinese zodiac is a complex interlinking array of classical Taoist elements, Chinese cultural archetypes embodied in animals, alignment inside the nature of the omnipresent elements of chi (also spelled qi by some translators), hours of the day and connections to both the Earth and the higher realms of spirit that ancient sages spoke and wrote about for centuries.

The backbone of the Chinese zodiac is, despite the name, not very similar to the Western zodiac. The Chinese zodiac is based on the movements of the planet Jupiter rather than the movements of the constellations in the stars. Though many ancient Chinese scholars did study the movement of the stars, the backbone of their astrological systems, and indeed, the entire Chinese calendar system (which would eventually spread to Japan, Korea, Vietnam and other nations) all came back to the to the movements of Jupiter. Divided into twelve movements, the Chinese calendar, and with it, their astrological system has a number of complexities that scholars from across the planet have been studying. While the development of calendars is a fascinating subject that nations ranging from the Mayan city-states to the Akan people of West Africa, the common thread of them all lies in the observances of heavenly bodies.

It should also be noted that most Chinese zodiac signs marked by more than the year one is born in. The animals assigned to years are actually the archetypes one is perceived as or how they present themselves. Though a person born in 1984 might be seen as ambitious, intelligent, charming, meticulous, determined, scheming or manipulative, their internal animal is a matter of which month they were born (and could be any one of the other animal archetypes), while their true nature could be a third animal archetype that embodies their truer sides devoid of self-deception, and still more complex, the hour of their birth determines their secret animal archetype. Taken together, these complex layers of years, months, days and hours that related to ancient animal archetypes creates an elaborate study in the nature of human beings, centuries before the development of psychological study.

The Chinese 2017 zodiac cycle is marked as a year of the rooster. Each animal archetype embodies a number of personality traits long associated with that animal. Those who are born in 2017 will in time be seen as hard working and industrious, patient and modest, kind and morally upright if they are perceived in a positive light. Those who are perceived in a negative light tend to be seen as self-righteous, narrow-minded, petty and egotistical. However, the exact nature of a person within themselves may well be a totally different sign, be it a dragon, rat or perhaps a rooster as well.