Career Advancement 101 – What Are The Benefits Of Consulting Your Horoscope?

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Most people like to dismiss horoscopes as being too simplistic and too general to be even of use. However, the truth of the matter is that the kind of horoscope that we are used to are of the newspaper variety, which is totally different from what horoscope really is.

So, what is horoscope anyway and how can it help you in your career?. Here are some Career Horoscope benefits from Lucien Holm the astrologer.

Horoscope is based on the premise that the constellation of stars affect our personalities depending on the date that we are born. It goes deeper in that the planet closest to Earth at the time when we are born determines the career that we are born into. All these include a complex set of mathematics that should only be done and interpreted by a professional astrologer.

However, for the purposes of this article, it has been found that people with Mercury rising at the time they are born to make good writers and politicians. Venus influences painters and musicians. People with Mars in the horizon make for good doctors, military personnel and scientists. So, if you want a horoscope that would be genuinely helpful in your career decision, consult a professional at reading birth charts. Ask your parents what time you were born.

Once you know what your horoscope is, it would be easier to determine what career you should be in. Most people know that they come into the world with a plan for how they are going to live their life on Earth, specifically, on what they life work and legacy are going to be. However, with so many distractions that tug at ones attention every day (Facebook is one), its very difficult to quiet the mind and listen to that small inner voice that tells you what you should be doing.

Astrology, though, offers some external help. However, the kind of help that you get should be of quality. Go to a professional astrologer who comes in recommended by clients. You can easily find birth chart readers by doing a search on Google, what isnt so easy, though, is finding one who does accurate readings.

Before paying an astrologer, make sure to ask for his or her credentials. Professional astrologers are trained, although they are not required by any law on the planet to have a license. That said, ask about an astrologers experience in reading birth charts.